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Ended last Mar 31, 2023
NGN  150,000.00


Everything rises and falls on leadership. How effective a manager leads his team can impact team morale and productivity, as well as the organization’s output and bottom line. Effective interpersonal skills set the groundwork and foundation for an efficient organization. The capacity to collaborate with colleagues and subordinates to solve tough problems and establish a good working relationship within the office is an important metric in employee engagement and organizational productivity, and it is the key indicator of a successful working environment. 

Lack of interpersonal skills among managers, leaders, and staff lead to unresolved differences and conflicts among colleagues or managers. When grievances and differences are left unresolved and not managed intelligently, they snowball into conflict, impacting the organization’s productivity. 

This training course will succinctly equip your staff with the ability to develop leadership, communication and interpersonal skills to inspire others and a clear ability to cultivate a vision for subordinates which will ultimately improve employee engagement and increase the company's bottom line. Through interactive and practical sessions, participants will gain the knowledge and skills to become effective communicators, build and maintain strong relationships, resolve conflicts, and build high-performing teams.




                UnderstandthePowerofteamworkand theessenceofworkingwithothers

                Understandyourownleadershipbehavioursand preferences



                Dealwithconflictefficientlyand constructively




Module 1: Emotional Intelligence in Leadership

■             Definition of Emotional Intelligence (EI)

■             Importance of EI in Leadership

■             Understanding and managing your own emotions

■             Empathy and understanding the emotions of others

■             Developing social skills to enhance communication and relationships

■             Applying emotional intelligence in leadership Practicalexercisestodevelopemotionalintelligence




■             Understanding conflict and its impact on productivity

■             Common causes of workplace conflict

■             Conflict resolution strategies and techniques

■             Effective communication in conflict resolution

■             Creating a culture of respect and cooperation

■             Developingpracticalsolutionsforworkplaceconflicts Practical exercises for conflict resolution



■             Understanding the importance of effective communication in leadership

■             Barriers to effective communication

■             Active listening skills

■             Assertiveness and self-expression

■             Giving and receiving feedback


Module 4: Team Building Essentials

■             Understanding the importance of teamwork in achieving organizational goals

■             Strategies for building and maintaining effective teams

■             Motivating and empowering team members

■             Conflict resolution in team settings

■             Celebrating success and fostering a positive team culture

In addition to these modules, the course may also cover other related topics such as leadership styles, decision-making, delegation, and time management. The course may also include case studies, role-playing activities, and group discussions to help participants apply the concepts learned in real-world situations.

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Thiscoursereliesontheuseofindividualandgroupdebriefs.Thecoursealsofeaturestheuseofseveral case studies and presentations by participants followed by plenary discussions. In addition, videos and exercises are used to demonstrate the skills required for effective learning experience.



Up to 20-Above Participants: 5% Discount (VAT exclusive) ThiscoversCoursematerialsandCertificateofattendance.


Mar 30, 2023 - Mar 31, 2023
Thu, Fri 10:00 AM — 02:00 PM
No. of Days: 2
Total Hours: 10
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Largesse Coaches Consultants (LCL) is  a Human Resources Consulting firm committed to helping business leaders, managers, public officers and for nonprofit organizations to attain higher levels of productivity and greater performance. We provide Business Executive Coaching, Business Management Skills Development Training, Business Management Development Consultancy and Human Resources Management Outsourcing.

LCL unique solutions are well researched and carefully adapted and deployed to help organizations to attain higher efficiency, more effectiveness and enhanced profitability. We recognize that in the field of play, talent is not enough, our approach ensures that people become better through self-discovery, reinvention and doggedness towards more productive actions.

The facilitation methodology is premised on the knowledge that learning takes place when people take effective actions.  People learn through reading, observing, listening, interaction, mistakes, failure, experiment and success. It is therefore our practice to expose people to all these methods of learning facilitation in order to achieve the attitude that drive actions that ultimately leads to desired skills upgrade observed in job performance. ...

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