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INTRODUCTION: The modern working environment requires that every individual acquires management skills. People who lack these skills have failed to pursue bigger dreams, failed to work in teams, and they become their own obstacle in career growth and development. Management Skills Development for secretaries and personal assistants has specifically been designed to enhance special capabilities that this cadre of staff requires if they are to be an asset to their organization. Participants will be taken through management principles, and given an opportunity to reflect on the changing role of a secretary/personal assistant. They will be spurred onto another level of creative thinking, and be challenged to think of means of making their jobs more appealing.



  • Appreciate their roles and responsibilities as secretaries and personal assistants.
  • Appreciate their role as managers of their bosses and be able to make substantial planned contributions towards meeting the executive targets of their bosses
  • To understand how you can plan for taking more responsibility
  • How to stay one step ahead get things done before you're asked and avoid stressful "Crisis" situations.
  • Examine and Understand your changing role
  • Leading when you're not in a position of authority
  • Identifying and clarifying your priorities; know what to do when dozens of people and tasks demand your attention
  • Appreciate management principles and its application in the work environment.



21st Century Secretaries and Personal Assistants

  • Roles / Expectations and Competencies Required of Top Secretaries
  • Traits of an effective secretary/personal assistant
  • Changing Roles and Competencies in Top Secretarial Positions
  • Business etiquette:
  • Dressing, gender issue in the workplace
  • Receiving Visitors, Telephone Manners
  • Business Travel / Logistics Arrangements.

Management Skill Development

  • The Management process
  • Office Management.
  • Managing Office Space / Arrangement
  • Managing the boss
  • Effective time management for personal effectiveness
  • Managing Self for Effective Time Use
  • Setting priorities/ Setting Smart Goals

Effective record keeping/routine management

  • Documents and Mails Handling
  • Files Management and Information Retrieval
  • Managing Petty Cash and Office Stationaries
  • Developing effective communication and Interpersonal skill
  • Scheduling Meetings and Writing Minutes
  • Communicating Effectively – Written and Oral

Developing Positive Work Attitude / Self Comportment

  • Health and Safety Management Tips
  • Office Ergonomics
  • Corporate secrecy and confidentiality
  • Career development
  • Career Trends for Professional Secretaries and Personal Assistants
  • Tips for Career success


TARGET AUDIENCE:All those executive secretaries, Executive/Personal Secretaries and Administrative/Personal assistants and all those who would like to move proactive in supporting their managers and enhancing their contribution to the organisation in public/private sector

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