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The cost concept is fundamental in taking strategic decisions in an entity.


At the end of the program, participants will be able to:

  • derive the basic knowledge about costs identification and effective control measures
  • Apply the essential concepts of accounting, budget, and finance
  • Apply the use of unit cost measurements in performance-based budgeting
  • Maintain strategic cost control
  • Appreciate the importance of reducing unnecessary costs.
  • Determine and apply the cost estimated to produce those outputs and calculate a cost per unit of output.



Fundamentals of Costing

  • Definitions and Terms
  • Types of Costs/Cost Classification
  • Costs elements
  • Costs compilation

Cost Control Application

  • Setting Standard Costing
  • Costs Variance analysis
  • Price /Costs relationship

Manufacturing Cost Concept

  • Direct and Indirect Cost
  • Materials cost
  • Labour costs
  • Overhead cost
  • Job Costing process

Cost Absorption concept

  • Variable Absorption
  • C-V-P analysis

Inventory Cost

  • Definition inventory cost
  • Ascertaining inventory cost
  • Inventory control and management.
  • Stock valuation methods
  • Relevant terms


FOR WHOM:All Accountants, Management and Cost Accountants in Public and Private Sectors. All related functions.
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