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Ended last Aug 02, 2023
NGN  80,000.00


The competition in the marketplace is increasing as margins decrease and consumers become more knowledgeable and discerning. Due to these smarter consumers, professionals’ sales people need to know the latest concepts in solution selling.

This course provides you with skills on how to increase sales by asking better questions, gaining loyal repeat customers, overcoming common sales objections, finding referral opportunities and growing a business with professionalism and enthusiasm.



  • Interpret prospect needs by conducting a needs analysis
  • Master active listening techniques to better connect with & understand clients
  • Manage the sales process by understanding where the sale is & how to keep the momentum moving forward
  • Master Sales Psychology 101 (mirroring, leading representational bias, tie-downs, & tag-ons)
  • Negate competitor quotes, while remaining professional
  • Deliver presentations that sell
  • Handle objections professionally & effectively
  • Master highly effective closing techniques
  • Follow-up to develop long-term relationships & future business
  • Set goals that motivate
  • Manage your sales database effectively



Defining the Sales Process

  • Type of Sales
  • Common Sales Approaches

Success in Selling

  • The power of Selling
  • The Power of your personal brand
  • Selling: Economy and company

Choose your path

  • Sales Characteristics
  • Sales Funnels and environments
  • Resume and Cover Letter

Relationship Selling

  • Building Relationship
  • Adaptive Selling
  • Networking – The Job  Market

Active Listening

  • The importance of active listening
  • Minimal Encouragers
  • Restating and Paraphrasing to gain commitment

Delivering Presentations that SELL

  • Features and Benefits matched to Customer Need
  • Outlining your Unique Selling Proposition
  • The Burning Question that every Customer wants Answered

Managing the Sale

  • Sales psychology 101

-          Leading representational bias

-          Tie-Downs

-          Tag-Ons

  • Competing without competing on price – and maintaining your professionalism

Handling Objections

  • Common types of Objections
  • Basic Strategies
  • Advanced Strategies

Closing the Sale

  • Understanding when it’s Time to Close
  • Powerful Closing Techniques
  • Things to Remember

Following Up

  • Thank-you Notes
  • Resolving Customer Service Issues
  • Staying in Touch

Setting Goals

  • The Importance of Sales Goals
  • Setting SMART Goals


TARGET AUDIENCE: All sales and marketing people or anyone who wishes to enhance his sales skills and techniques

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