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In today’s busy, competitive workplace, public speaking and presentations are a critical part of professional success.

This is an intensive and highly interactive training course aimed at providing participants with practical skills and knowledge necessary to express themselves clearly with confidence and power, in a variety of speaking situations.

This course is ideal for both those who want to mastery of their presentation and speaking skills and those who desire to learn the art of delivering good presentation afresh.


Course Outline

The skill-building cycle

  • Determining your baseline public speaking skills
  • Taming fears and increasing confidence through practice and preparation
  • Leveraging your own personality and style
  • Increasing your awareness and abilities by evaluating other speakers
  • Integrating audience feedback to fine-tune your delivery

Presentation Techniques

  • Objectives of Presentation
  • Importance of Presentation Skills
  • Pitfalls of Presentations
  • The Communication cycle


Planning and Structuring an Effective Presentation

  • Choice of medium of presentation
  • Techniques for giving a powerful opening
  • Insight to Powerful Closing
  • Language
  • Visual Aids
  • PowerPoint structure


  • Stage Management
  • Verbal and non -verbal (gestures and facial expressions)
  • Body language
  • Tone and volume
  • Capturing and maintaining audience interest (humor, references)
  • Techniques (eye contact, questioning styles)
  • Effective use of audio visuals


Value Proposition

When participants complete this course they will be able to:

  • Connect with your audience
  • Dramatically improve your speaking presence
  • Understand the psychology and structure of good presentation
  • Create a killer business presentation step-by-step
  • Speak with confidence and deliver with authority
  • Influence audience to impact with the message rather than their skills
  • Respond appropriately to your audience’s needs
  • Elevate their speeches and presentations from mundane to captivating
  • Build exceptional introductions, coherent content and climactic closings.
  • Hone your non-verbal communication skills
  • Avoid common, yet costly public speaking mistakes
  • Overcome causes of boring and ineffective presentation
  • Add a visual dimension to your presentation          


Facilitators for this course are Certified Coaches and Trainers with practical niche application for easy learning.
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