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Heavy Duty Diesel Engine (HDD) Operation and Maintenance

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In-Person / Workshop
Ended last Aug 29, 2019
NGN  99,500.00


This training workshop will feature:

Discussions on the benefits and applications of heavy duty Diesel HDD engines

The importance of correct operation and maintenance of HDD for better reliability

The detailed description of HDD systems and characteristic performance

Focusing on electronic control of HDD for economy and environment friendly operation


By the end of this training seminar, participants will be able to:

Outline the principle of operation of diesel engines

Specify the difference between Heavy Duty Diesel Engines and normal Diesel engines

Describe how combustion occurs in diesel engines

Explain the reason of air charging in diesel engines

List and explain the principle of operation of air charging systems in diesel engines

List and explain the operation principle of various types of fuel injection systems used in HDD

Describe the layout and components of various fuel injection systems used in HDD

Explain how quantity and timing of injected fuel can be controlled

State the benefits of Diesel Electronic Control (DEC)

List and explain the principle of operation of various HDD emission control systems

Outline the procedure and requirements for servicing HDD

Outline the HDD basic routine maintenance operations

List and explain how to fix the common HDD troubles



Programme  Outline

Introduction to Heavy Duty Diesel (HDD) engines

Meaning of HDD engine: Rating – Load factor – Operation duration

HDD engine glossary of terms

International standards for HDD engine

HDD engine Internal and external characteristic performance curves

Design considerations of HDD engine

HDD engine construction features and materials

HDD engine Applications

Work Cycle and Combustion in HDD Engines

Work cycle, internal and external characteristic curves of HDD engines

Diesel fuel (Classification – Fuel properties – Fuel tests)

Combustion process in Diesel engines

Compression ratio

Combustion chambers shapes

Direct & indirect injection methods

Homogenous Charge Compression Ignition (HCCI)

Air charging in heavy duty diesel engines:

Types (Mechanical – Turbo – Pressure wave)

Turbocharger configuration (Combined – Two stage - Variable geometry – Sequential)

Turbocharger control (Pressure – Fuel compensation)

Turbocharger performance characteristics

Fuel Injection Systems in HDD Engines

Types and principle of operation of fuel injection systems:

Cummins systems: (PT – CELECT unit injector – Accumulator – HPI – XPI)

Caterpillar systems: (HUEI/A – HUEI/B – Navistar – MEUI/A – MEUI/B)

In-line or multi-plungers systems.

Common rail systems

HDD engines fuel injection systems layout and components.

Methods of control of injected fuel quantity and timing: (Hydraulic, pneumatic, electronic)

Diesel fuel filtration and water separation.

Electronic Diesel Control (EDC)

Advantages of EDC

EDC basic layout and components (ECU – Sensors – Actuators – Layout for various types of fuel injection systems)

Open & Closed loops and data processing

Controlled quantities: Start – Drive mode – Idle speed – Maximum speed – Intermediate speeds – Cruise speed - ….)

Injected fuel quantity limits

Emission control systems;

Diesel Oxidation catalyst (DOC)

Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF)

Selective catalyst Reduction (SCR)

Urea Injection (UI)

Exhaust gas recirculation (EGR)

Closed Crankcase Ventilation (CCV)

Operation and Maintenance of HDD Engine

Operation Tips for HDD engine

Indicator lamps

On-Board diagnostics

Fuel type

Items to be noticed

Tips for efficient operation

Maintenance of diesel engines

Basics of mechanical maintenance

Servicing of diesel fuel injection systems 

Diesel engine tune up

Diesel engine routine maintenance operations (time-based, distance- based)

Diesel engines troubleshooting

Forms of diesel engine components failure

Engines trouble shooting and fault rectification

Testing of injection pumps, injectors, fuel feed pumps

Tests for assessment of engine condition (compression, leakage tests)

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