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Electrical Design, Installation, Troubleshooting and Maintenance

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In-Person / Workshop
Ended last Sep 26, 2019
NGN  99,500.00



The electrical designer, installer and maintenance team are all expected to provide an installation that is safe, cost effective and reliable throughout its lifetime.

The course begins with the fundamental principles that always apply to ensure safety, the course then progresses through basic design procedures, inspection, testing and maintenance requirements, concluding with a review of power quality problems that affect the reliability of an installation where high technology interfaces with a supply.

The seminar will provide an understanding of:

The initial assessment of an installation prior to the design

Selection of protective devices

Cable sizing and installation

Inspection and testing procedures

The maintenance requirements


The delegate will gain detailed appreciation of:

The safety factors required by national and international standards

The functional considerations that a designer has to take into account

How new technology can impact on the design particularly power quality

Safety requirements during installation, inspection and testing

Inspection and testing techniques that affect the maintenance requirements

How to improve productivity by improving the reliability of an installation



Preliminary Design Requirements

Building services

Purpose of an installation


External influences



Protective devices




Design Characteristics

Electrical safety

Cable installation

IEC 60364


Wiring regulations

Inspection and testing

Cable sizing



Designing an Installation

Single phase design

Power quality

Three phase design

Cable requirements

Protective device selection

Installation method

Earthing and bonding

Source of supply


Commissioning and Testing

The need to maintain

Test results

What is maintenance


Introduction to commissioning



Earth leakage


Periodic Maintenance

Maintenance Planning

Periodic inspection

Equipment reliability

Complex testing

Categories of system

Harmonic analysis

Safety critical


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CITED programs also offer concrete toolkits of effective and practical techniques, strategies and skills to take away. The content continually evolves in response to new business. Our workshops are designed specially for individuals interested in or currently using engineering/technical expertise/skills and technologies to solve their organisation challenges.

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