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Business development in the oil and gas industry presents exciting but unique challenges for managers and salespersons seeking to realise set goals. The oil industry is globally interconnected, highly technical, knowledge-driven, and capital intensive amongst others. There are no simple aspects when it comes to the oil industry. The complexities are huge, but so are the opportunities.

For one, the industry is unique in its technical complexity, regulations and value chains. Buying cycles are exceptionally long and fraught with multiple gates in structured commercial transactions. In this environment, getting to close require more than being a smooth talker or an aggressive pusher.

Business development in such a complex decision environment requires a consultative engagement that is process-driven, and with the right commercial knowledge and relationship skills. Mastery of these requirements is what makes for successful marketing, sales or business development efforts.

 This course is designed to increase participants’ commercial understanding of the oil industry and to build effective skills for successful business development.


  •  Get insight into the global drivers of the oil industry
  •  Understand the commercial frameworks that obtain in different segments        of the industry
  •  Learn how to apply proven skills and methodologies for successful client         engagement
  •  Discover the personal factors that may make or mar your business                    development efforts
  •  Develop a personalized strategy for higher performance on return to work
  •  Discover your business development personality profile and leverage your strengths


  • The oil industry value chain and the peculiarities of its various segments
  • Oil and Gas operations overview
  • Global drivers and players
  • Doing business in the Nigerian oil industry – environment, structure and           players
  • The downstream oil industry environment
  • The nature of  complex sales
  • Consultative engagement in complex selling environments
  • Managing the sales cycles and the sales pipeline
  • Understanding buyer cycles, buyer types and buyer roles
  • Tender and contracting processes in the Nigerian oil industry
  • Essential personal skills for Business Development
  • Customer Service - Why it Matters
  • Developing a personal action plan


  •  Oil and Gas operations overview, and global drivers
  •  Commercial frameworks in the Nigerian oil industry
  •  Regulatory frameworks of the Nigerian oil industry
  •  Planning in uncertainty
  •  Communicating value in a tight cost environment
  •  Consultative engagement in complex selling environments
  •  Aligning buyer cycles to your sales cycle and pipeline
  •  Forecasting the sales pipeline
  •  Advancing the sales process
  •  Managing, buyer types and buyer roles
  •  Essential personal skills for Business Development success
  •  Customer service as a strategic advantage
  •  Bid packaging and tendering in the Nigerian oil industry
  •  Bid to win and bid to lose strategies
  •  Pre-tender business development strategies
  •  Nigerian Content – considerations for successful Business Development
  •  Your personal action plan:
                         o Reflect on what you will:-
                         o Keep Doing, Stop Doing and Start Doing on your return to work.



Emmanuel Emielu, MSc, FCMI, CIPM

Emmanuel is the Managing Partner at Oil & Gas Soft Skills Limited (OGS) with responsibility for business strategy and growth. Prior to joining OGS, Emmanuel worked in marketing and business development roles at Halliburton Energy Services with responsibilities that at one time covered the Sub-Sahara African region.

Emmanuel received his graduate training in Marketing from the University of Lagos in 1994. He is currently enrolled at the Ashridge Business School, London, for the Executive Masters in Management Programme as part of his continuous learning.

He serves as a Council Member for the Lagos Business School Alumni Association and is a member of the Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE), and Fellow of the Chartered Management Institute, UK.  He is a Certified International Project Manager (CIPM) and a volunteer mentor and coach to several individuals and leading organisations.


No. of Days: 3
Total Hours: 15
No. of Participants: 15
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