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Strategic Marketing for Competitive Advantage Workshop

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In-Person / Training
Ended last Oct 24, 2019
NGN  45,000.00



What is your winning edge in your field or line of business, what advantages do you possess over your competitors? How do you handle competition, on a level playing ground, would your customers choice you over the competition? What can your customer identify as the reason why they will stick with you come rain, come shine. The advantages you enjoy how sustainable are they in the short & long run? 

  • In the telco space at the onset of the GSM revolution in Nigeria, MTN Nigeria said per second billing was not possible, Glo entered the market with per second billing ; that move was a key success factor for them at that point in time.
  • Nokia was the brand name in mobile phone handset industry some years ago, where is Nokia today?  
  • Blackberry Messenger vs Android ‘s WhatsApp, what happened to Blackberry?

COURSE OBJECTIVES. This course intends to achieve the following for you.

  • Empower you to put your business on track for continued competitiveness and profitability.
  •  Equip you to respond proactively and appropriately to changes in macro environment and industry drivers for sustainability, growth and profitability.
  • Evaluate the sustainability of your competitive advantage and do the needful.
  • Provide you with analytic and business planning tools and expertise.
  • Equip you to develop a strategic marketing plan for your company or department.
  • Provide you with tested & adoptable models for developing sustainable competitive advantage and achieving enduring success in the marketplace.


  • Understanding Strategy
  • Basics & Fundamentals of Strategy
  • Understanding Competitive Advantage: Meaning & Source
  • Understanding the Environment
  • Tools for Industry & Environmental Analysis
  • Understanding Industry Drivers
  • Layers of Strategy
  • Sustainable Competitive Advantage Models
  • How to Develop Sustainable Competitive Advantage
  • Strategic Filtering Lens
  • Disruptive Innovation & Competitive Advantage
  • Understanding Tactics in Competitive Strategy Development.
  • How to Develop your Organisation’s Strategic Marketing Plan
  • Case studies.


No. of Days: 1
Total Hours: 6
No. of Participants: 30
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