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In this course, students will be introduced to safety and security risk management as it is applied in organisations. The focus is on how organisations can make (responsible) decisions on safety and security, using the concepts of risk. Students learn to understand and use the concept of risk in safety and security settings, being aware of its benefits and limitations. They acquire practical knowledge and skills that allow them to analyse decisions made by risk managers, as well as various reports on risk/ safety topics in media. The course starts with safety risk first (accidents), and then extends its scope to security risks (threats and attacks).
Course objectives
After this course, students are able to:
Understand, apply, and calculate risk and related concepts in safety and security settings, as well as reason about these
Explain the similarities and differences between safety and security risks and their assessment
Understand the tasks and responsibilities of the safety/ risk manager or professional
Apply several safety and security risk analysis techniques such as fault and attack trees
Make well-founded decisions regarding safety or security issues and countermeasures, explain these choices and communicate them


Course outline

The following topics will be covered:

  • Introduction of important safety and risk concepts, such as probability, frequency, hazard/ threat, vulnerability, impact/ consequence

  • Short history of safety and risk thinking

  • The management of risk and safety in organisations

  • Similarities and differences between safety and security risks

  • Quantitative and qualitative assessment of safety and security risks in organisations

  • Several risk analysis techniques such as fault/ attack trees, HBT-model and bowties

  • The psychology of safety and security, human error

  • A systems view on safety/ security and SADT-analysis

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