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Research Methodology is a hands‐on course designed to impart education in the foundational
methods and techniques of academic research in social sciences and business management
context. Research scholars would examine and be practically exposed to the main
components of a research framework i.e., problem definition, research design, data collection,
ethical issues in research, report writing, and presentation. Once equipped with this
knowledge, participants would be well‐placed to conduct disciplined research under
supervision in an area of their choosing. In addition to their application in an academic
setting, many of the methodologies discussed in this course would be similar to those
deployed in professional research environments.


Course contents:
1. Introduction to research – The role of research, research process overview
2. Philosophies and the language of research theory building – Science and its functions,
What is theory?, and The meaning of methodology
3. Thinking like a researcher – Understanding Concepts, Constructs, Variables, and
4. Problems and Hypotheses – Defining the research problem, Formulation of the
research hypotheses, The importance of problems and hypotheses
5. Research design – Experimental and Nonexperimental research design, Field
research, and Survey research
6. Methods of data collection – Secondary data collection methods, qualitative methods
of data collection, and Survey methods of data collection
7. Attitude measurement and scaling – Types of measurement scales; Questionnaire
designing – Reliability and Validity
8. Sampling techniques – The nature of sampling, Probability sampling design, Non-
probability sampling design, Determination of sample size
9. Processing and analysis of data
10. Ethical issues in conducting research
11. Report generation, report writing, and APA format – Title page, Abstract,
Introduction, Methodology, Results, Discussion, References, and Appendices.
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