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The Successful Healthcare Supervisor


An Evolving Role in a Changing Environment

  • Situation: Reinventing the Healthcare Organization
  • The (Whirl)Winds of Change
  • A Whole New Environment
  • Organizational Priority Number One: The Bottom Line       
  • Then Came Reengineering    
  • Can We “Reinvent” The Hospital?
  • The Managed Care “Solution”
  • The Balanced Budget
  • Healthcare Paradigms and Their Effects
  • Marketing Health Care


Health Care:  How is it Different from “Industry”? 

  • Situation: The Case of the Stubborn Employee, or, “It Isn’t in the Job Description”
  • Process Versus Environment
  • Identifying the Real Differences
  • Healthcare Settings
  • Implications for Management
  • Returning to “The Stubborn Employee”


The Nature of Supervision: health Care and everywhere

  • Situation: Paid to Make Decisions?
  • Born to Work or Watch?
  • The Supervisor’s Two Hats
  • The Peter Principle Revisited
  • The Working Trap
  • Nothing to Do?
  • The Responsibilities of Healthcare Management
  • The Nature of Supervision


Management and Its Basic Functions

  • Situation: A Tough Day for the New Manager
  • Definitions, Titles, and Other Intangibles
  • Introducing the Basic Management Functions
  • Management Functions in Brief


Delegation and empowerment: Forming Some good habits

  • Situation: Delegation for the Wrong Reasons, or “If You Want Something Done Right. ”
  • Taken for Granted
  • The Nature of Delegation
  • What about “Empowerment”?
  • Why Delegate?


Time Management: expanding the Day without Stretching the Clock

  • Situation: The Manager and the Sales Representative
  • Time and Time Again              
  • Why Become More Time Conscious?
  • The Time Wasters
  • The Time Savers
  • Time Management and Stress Management: Inseparable Activities 


A distinguished team of facilitators who are eminently qualified professionals has been assembled to lead discussions in course of the workshop.

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