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Forklift Training & Certification

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PRACTICAL FORKLIFT COMPETENCY CERTIFICATION INTENSIVE OPERATOR TRAINING BENEFIT TO PARTICIPANTS: • Certificate of Professional Competency in Industrial Forklift Operator Shall Be Issued to trainee Upon Successful Completion of the Entire Training. • Get a quicker Job offer & Opportunities/Employment overseas/abroad. • Softcopy Training Manuals/Materials for all participants. • This Training Is Open to Any trainee (Person)/Practitioner in the Labour Market or Persons Interested in Job Opportunities/Employment in Sea port/Maritime Sector, Factories, Manufacturing Industries/Construction Companies Etc… • There are no requirements to sign up for this FORKLIFT TRAINING.  Our FORKLIFT TRAINING Is 100 Percent (%) Practical FORKLIFT Learning   special 1 week short FORKLIFT TRAINING for interested persons leaving far or coming from outside Lagos State or Ogun State. DURATION OF TRAINING: 1, OR 3, OR 4 WEEKS OF INTENSIVE OPERATOR TRAINING DAYS OF TRAININGS SATURDAYS, SUNDAYS & MONDAYS  ACTUAL TRAINING TUITION WITH CERTIFICATE OF COMPETENCY: N60, 000  SPECIAL 1 WEEK SHORT FORKLIFT TRAINING FEE: N75, 000  PLUS REGISTRATION: N5000 (FEE Includes: Professional CERTIFICATE of Competency, Practical FORKLIFT Training, and Softcopy Manuals / Training Materials only). For Registration on How to Attend This Personal Development & Practical Forklift Competency Training, Kindly Obtain Registration Form with one passport photograph. For More information and Enquiries Contact the Forklift Coordinator: – 08100043964 POWERED BY: MONOTECH HSE SERVICES LTD. NO. 1 ANIMOTA STREET BY THE BASKETBALL COURT NEAR MOBIL FILLING STATION BESIDE THE MILE-12 BRT BUS STOP TERMINAL, MILE12, Lagos State. CONTACT 08100043964 FOR PROPER DIRECTION


Jun 01, 2021 - Jun 30, 2021
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Our training offers the most comprehensive approach to developing an effective positive safety culture at workplace. Positive safety culture is essential approach to attaining desired goal of zero incidents in the work place as well as provides an understanding of what is needed to reach this goal.

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